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Where did Bowen come from?

Bowen Therapy was created by an ordinary man with an extraordinary ability.  From working as a labourer in a cement works to helping thousands of people a year, his is an inspiring and quite remarkable story.  Find out more about Tom Bowen and the legacy which has benefitted so many.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone responds differently so it's impossible to say.  One session may be enough but you might need more.

People with chronic conditions and/or those with a stressful job or home life tend to book regular monthly sessions.  Others book every few weeks as part of their normal health and wellbeing routine, or every few months to 'top-up' and maintain the work that's been done.

Plan to book three treatments within the first month at which time we'll reassess to see what changes have been made and where we go from there.  If you don't need all three, we can easily cancel.

What do I need to wear? 

Bowen is given over light clothing so for men, ideally a t-shirt/shirt and light trousers.  For women, a vest top and leggings/light trousers work well. Although Bowen can be carried out over heavy clothing such as jeans, it may not be as effective and is more difficult for the therapist.

Try not to wear anything with a thick or tight waistband and be prepared to remove your belt if you're wearing one. Please bring/wear a pair of socks for your comfort.

All this and more will be on the email confirming your appointment.

I'm not very mobile, does that matter?

Bowen is very adaptable so you can have your treatment whilst seated - in a chair or on the couch - or lying on your side.

The couch can be raised and lowered, so you can get on it at the height which works for you.

I'm heavily pregnant. Can I still have Bowen?

Yes absolutely, Bowen is great for pregnant mums!  You can either have the session seated or lying on your side with additional towels/pillows for support.

The couch can be raised and lowered which will make it more comfortable to get on and off.

How long after an operation can you work on scar tissue?

The scar needs to be completely healed before I can work on it, with a minimum gap of eight weeks from the event which created it.

Can I have Bowen and scar treatment in the same session?

You can, but ideally you would have separate appointments.

The focus of the session will either be on scar work or Bowen rather than muddling the two and trying to fit everything in.

I feel a lot better.  Should I give up my medication?

Bowen Therapists are not qualified to prescribe or change medication. If you think you may be able to do without, or have the dosage reduced, please discuss with your GP first.