Bowen Therapy

If you are suffering from pain, a chronic condition, a sports injury or just feeling that you need some calm amongst the stresses of life, perhaps it's time for you to try a therapy which you may not have heard of, but which is justifiably becoming more widely known across the globe. Bowen Therapy is suitable for every body, of any age and level of fitness.

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Scar Tissue Release

The symptoms of a scar may persist for decades  and most people wrongly believe that this is something they'll have to live with. Scar Tissue Release can help where there is pain, numbness or restriction of movement and can even make a difference to its appearance.  This technique can also be effective in helping relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

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  • Limited offer
    Detoxifying salts from Westlab, containing over 80 minerals.
    1kg - £3, limited supply
  • Extended clinic hours
    Appointments are available on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings. Please contact me for dates and times.

A little note from your therapist

"My name's Angela Iremonger and I qualified as a Bowen Therapist in 2011 with the College of Bowen Studies. Since then I have continued to train and now incorporate variations of Bowen as well as Scar Tissue Release to suit each individual person.

I'm constantly astounded at the results which can be achieved through this amazing and unique form of therapy.  If you're looking for a natural way to improve your health and wellbeing, I do hope you'll give Bowen a try."

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