Reduced price treatments

In order for me to officially register as a McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) practitioner, I am required to submit a number of case studies.

I am offering up to three sessions at just £15 per session (normal price £25)


You are eligible to take part if you meet the following criteria:

  • The scar is at least eight weeks old and fully healed.  There is no maximum time from when the scar was acquired.
  • You must be committed to attending the clinic at Penny Brohn, around the same day each week for up to three weeks (each session being approx 30 minutes duration), followed by a short evaluation a week later, which could be by phone or email.
  • You must be prepared to touch the scar so that you can report on any changes felt.


Unfortunately, I cannot accept anyone as a case study with the following:

  • Where mesh has been used (eg for hernia repair), though I can work on other scars if it won't interfere with the mesh.
  • Keloid scars
  • Scars on or around 'private' areas of the body

Further important information

You will be asked to complete a short evaluation form at the beginning, and will be asked a few questions at the start and end of each session, which will form part of the case study.

I will also take photos at the beginning and/or end of each session.

The written report and photos will be submitted as a case study, but no information will be used to identify you.  Any photos used will be of the scar and immediate area only.


Please contact me with a short description of the scar, where it is, and when and how it was acquired.