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Back and Coccyx pain

As a home-based hairdresser and beauty therapist, I was constantly dogged by back pain. This was exacerbated by spending hours on my feet and having to bend to wash clients' hair over the bath.

In addition, I hurt my coccyx a few months ago and sitting was a problem. I either had to slouch or almost bend double, with my legs crossed so weight was on one side - anything to avoid pressure on the bottom of my spine. Angela also noticed that I was lying crooked on the treatment couch.

I'd never heard of the Bowen Technique before I met Angela, but I'd been thinking about booking a massage so thought I'd give this a try instead. The treatment was so gentle I wasn't sure if it would help, but what I did enjoy was the relaxation I felt and the fantastic night's sleep I had afterwards. After just one treatment, my back pain had turned to a little 'niggle' - that has now gone completely.

On the third treatment, Angela focused on my lower body and worked on the coccyx. Two days later, I sat on a hard chair and nearly hit the ceiling! Angela had warned me that any symptoms could get worse before they got better and she was right! By the following day though, the pain had gone - completely. I could sit on any chair, upright as normal, I didn't have to slouch, sit forward, or cross my legs. All I could feel was a slight bruising in the area, which didn't take long to go.

Other benefits include no more migraines, my IBS has calmed down and my sleep has improved dramatically.

I now go back for treatments every couple of months or so. It's an hour out from my busy schedule, keeps everything in check and helps me de-stress. I love it!
SP, hair and beauty therapist

Back pain and Asthma

I had severe lower back pain and was getting desperate as it just seemed never ending. I also suffered from asthma.  I couldn't stand for long periods of time, it was affecting how long I could go out for walks, affecting my sleep and there were times where I struggled to sit for lengthy periods of time. I also suffered from Brittle Asthma which could just come on out of the blue and I would end up in A&E and regular short hospital stays.

Since having Bowen, I am completely pain-free after many yours of lower back problems. I am now able to go out for long walks, shopping and just generally do things without the fear of ending up with unbearable back pain.

Also, I haven't had any asthma attacks or chest infections for the past 18 months since starting Bowen treatments.

I have recently had a major operation and the night before the surgery I had a Bowen treatment. My recovery has been fast and trouble free, and even the surgeon and nurses have been so surprised how quickly I am recovering.
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I'm not wearing my magnetic bracelet anymore!  The tingling and pain has gone completely and not returned. I didn't think Bowen would make any difference.


I'm not getting so many headaches. I only had one this week, and it wasn't that bad.
MT, retired


A life without pain can be achieved in numerous ways including the conventional route of prescription and non-prescription pain killers. Suffering with pain in my hips and hands, I was recently diagnosed with osteo-arthritis at the age of 41 years. Following x-rays and blood tests the GP's preferred route was physiotherapy with paracetomol, ibuprofen and co-codimol if the pain was severe.

By chance, I struck up a conversation with Angela. I had heard of Bowen but had little understanding about what it was. I have to admit, following two successful treatments, I still have little understanding of how it works but I am truly amazed by the results.

When my first Bowen treatment was complete, I was a little bewildered as to what had happened but immediately I was aware there was no pain in my hands or hips. Two treatments in, I am still pain free and have not taken any pain killers for over three weeks.  In a month's time I'll be back for a top-up and then maintenance treatments every few months.
Excerpt from the Pill Paper

Raynaud's Syndrome

My mum has been seeing Angela for her arthritis and raves about the treatment.  I am 17 years old, just starting working in the building trade and have suffered for years with Raynauld's Syndrome in my hands. This can be very painful and my GP has advised pain relief when I need it.  I hate taking tablets!

Reluctantly, following some coercian by my mum, I went along to see Angela. I thought this was a load of nonsense and a complete waste of time - not to mention my hard earned money.

Following the first session, I left with a warm fuzzy glow all over and my hands were pain free for about 4 days.  I've since had three further sessions and I currently have no pain with my hands. I cannot work out what Angela does or how she eases the pain in my hands, but all I can say is that it works and I am so glad I went along. I now make a point to see Angela about every 3 months for a top-up session just to keep my aches and pains at bay.
JE, Apprentice in the building trade

Side effects following cancer surgery

I have been an enthusiastic supporter of Bowen Therapy for about 15 years thanks to the complete cure of my tennis elbow. My local practitioner moved away and so I came to see Angela.

I found Angela to be an extremely helpful and effective therapist for my needs, which I perceived to be fairly complex insofar as I was seeking to alleviate various side effects following prostate cancer surgery.  She embarked upon a course of treatments for me which indeed improved the symptoms I was experiencing and also much improved my inner wellbeing, which was important to me at that time.

Since then I have visited Angela on a regular basis to deal with various aches and pains that accompany advancing years, and I have come to trust her completely as a kind, thoughtful, supportive and effective Bowen therapist.

Shoulder pain

My shoulder has been totally fine and back to its normal self. There was no reaction after the last session, but it has been pain-free and fully mobile since.

Sports performance

I've noticed a lot better range of movement in my hamstrings. I would recommend the Bowen treatment to anyone.

Work-related tension

I use computers a lot and subsequently suffer from stiffness and tension in the neck and shoulders. I found the Bowen treatment relieved this.  I expected the stiffness to return between treatments but this hasn't happened.
IT Consultant